Microsoft Dynamics vs QuickBooks Enterprise

Setting the stage for Microsoft Dynamics vs QuickBooks Enterprise requires attention to business scale. Dynamics GP works for mid-to-large sized businesses whereas QuickBooks has options that can work across all business sizes (for a price). QuickBooks is still not a very popular option amongst very large businesses, who nowadays are looking for a true ERP solution. Both tools handle multi-currency and multi-lingual applications (as opposed to QuickBooks Professional). Although the debate about the viability of mobile accounting applications still rages, QuickBooks is prepared with a very good mobile app compared to Dynamics.

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Microsoft Dynamics is a little bit more expensive versus QuickBooks, but as a cloud based solution, Dynamics has much more maturity as a software package than Enterprise. Larger companies may have the money to host Dynamics on-premise as opposed to in a cloud, but most companies can’t afford to run Dynamics on-premise (whereas QuickBooks is cheap to run on-premise). Next, you’ll want to look at how each software integrates with your customer database, marketing software and P.O.S. system. For more on that, download the full versus guide below.



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